Boston magazine


When a sudden change in direction was made at this award-winning city magazine, B&G was called in to art direct on location for three months while helping to rebuild the art department. Collaborating closely with the editorial staff, B&G published award-winning designs, stayed within budget, and met all deadlines. B&G stepped into an emergency situation as consultants and art directors with the goal of leaving a team in place after three months capable of winning awards and delighting readers. Mission accomplished.

Boston magazine cover


During a time of uncertainty and staff restructuring, B&G Design Studios was hired as “interim” art directors for Boston magazine, one of the nation’s top-rated City Regional newsstand pubs. B&G relocated from Philly to Boston for three months to consult and design “on the fly” producing the magazine’s largest issue of the year, “Best of Boston”. B&G effectively managed the team of staff designers and photo editors, commissioned freelance illustrators and photographers, and worked side by side with the editor to execute and deliver some of our proudest award-winning work.