Philadelphia Daily News & Philadelphia SportsWeek


“In a truncated time period, B&G Design Studios didn’t just redesign the Philadelphia Daily News. They gave our storied publication an entire new identity, one that has been welcomed with open arms by readers and advertisers alike. They got us back in touch with our tabloid roots, with bolder headlines and bigger photography, while, at the same time, modernizing our look for the times with more white space and navigational tools. Most importantly, they moved into our newsroom, sold their ideas to a cynical lot, and worked hand-in-hand with our staff to bring their vision to life. They proved to be collaborative, sensitive, and visionary all at the same time. We got immense value from working with B&G, so much so that we’re maintaining a consultant relationship with them well into the future.”

“There aren’t many media companies launching new print products nowadays, but when we launched the new Philadelphia Daily News weekend publication, SportsWeek, we had every confidence of its success because it was the aesthetic brainchild by B&G Design. As they’ve done for me so often, Tim Baldwin and John Goryl took my half-formed ideas and brought them to life on the page in a way that has captivated readers beyond my dreams. Their collective eye and vision has inspired my staff — our photographers shoot better and our writers write smarter because B&G set the bar so high.”

— Larry Platt, Editor, The Philadelphia Daily News