University of Miami Medicine


“We hired B&G not only because we admired their work for other clients, but also because of the creative chemistry we felt during their presentation. We hadn’t published in seven years, and we had a new dean who wanted us to bring back University of Miami Medicine in a big way. B&G played a leading role in our achieving that goal, no matter how high we set the bar for them. It has been a relationship of wonderful creative surprises.”

— Robert S. Benchley, Editor, University of Miami Medicine


B&G Design Studios was challenged to resurrect, reinvent and redesign a publication which had been laying dormant for over 8 years. After several meeetings with the university’s editorial team members, B&G designed a new original hand drawn banner logo. Additionally, B&G established a new editorial well of rubrics and templates for all departments and features, including all sections of the magazine. B&G art directs and designs this magazine 2-3x per year and provides web content for the magazine’s web magazine for each issue. Other responsibilities include: color corrections, photo retouching, color proofing and press checks.