“When I was faced with the daunting task of creating a new research magazine without any support staff, by far the best decision I made was to hire B&G Design Studios. They built me the perfect road map to follow and made my job easier at every turn. I’ve been especially impressed with their unfailing ability to take even the most academic or dry subject matter and find creative ways to bring the story to life on the page. Their passion, creativity, and professionalism make them an absolute joy to work with, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

— Renée Alfuso, Editor, Scope

NYU Scope Magazine 2023


B&G Design Studios was hired to take control of an unorganized, partially redesigned, partially thought-out magazine which had been semi-redesigned over the years by a few different art directors. B&G’s task at hand was to strip the magazine down to its bare bones, restructure its formats, design a new banner logo, and rename all of the sections and department headers while keeping the NYU fonts and brand guidelines intact. B&G established new word counts and controlled formats allowing the editors to work within a more organized and production-friendly schedule. Since its restructuring and redesign, B&G now effectively art directs and produces this publication bi-annually, on budget, and on time.